A lot of people don’t know that polish song on Eurovision “My słowianie” is actually a joke Donatan made after  people accused him of sexism in his video for “Nie lubimy robić” . In the “Nie lubimy robić” song there’s actually more of,how people like to call it softcore porno. Before the “My słowianie” music video there’s note that if you have problems with your sense of humor don’t watch this video. It’s basicallyhis middle finger to all the haters. BTW check out his whole album RÓWNONOC it was very successful in Poland.

Good thing that

Good thing that Cumberbatch + Freeman = Freebatch and not Free Cum… but on the other hand that would be so awesome. They be like “What you doin’” and I’m like “Nothin’ rebloging FreeCum”

"There are millions of people who firmly believe you’re fucked and gonna burn like a grilled cheese sandwich because you don’t believe the way they believe, and they will happily tell you all about it every chance they get."
ChrisMccombs (via alezsleeps)

Natalie Wood for Love with the Proper Stranger (1963) 

Mmm Marlon
Michael Corleone is ultimate BAMF (a hot, very hot BAMF)